Mara Marin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Aufenthalt am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
September 2012‒March 2013

Forschungsthema am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
»Oppression and Obligations of Commitment«

My book project elaborates a notion of commitment as an alternative to contract for understanding oppression and the obligations individuals owe to each other under conditions of oppression. Commitment has the advantage of combining two features of action typically thought to be mutually exclusive: commitments are voluntary yet not fully under the control of the agent. In a commitment, the agent incurs obligations in virtue of his or her voluntary actions but without knowing in advance the precise content these obligations will have in the future. This feature makes commitment useful in understanding oppression, the actions that support it, and our obligations to dismantle it. For oppressive structures are the effects of our actions, yet the actions that implicate us in oppressive structures cannot be understood through the model of consent or contract because we need not, as these models assume, intend the oppressive effects of our actions. (Mara Marin)

Förderung des Aufenthaltes:
DFG-Kollegforschergruppe »Justitia Amplificata. Rethinking Justice − Applied and Global«

Wissenschaftliches Profil von Mara Marin

Mara Marin hat 2008 an der University of Chicago mit einer politikwissenschaftlichen Arbeit über »Taking Commitments Seriously« promoviert. Bevor sie nach Frankfurt wechselte, war sie 2008‒2012 Collegiate Assistant Professor an der Universität Chicago sowie Harper-Schmidt Fellow in der Society of Fellows der Universität.
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Feministische politische Theorie, Liberalismus, Gerechtigkeitstheorien, Unterdrückung/Herrschaft/Autorität, Theorie des Gesellschaftsvertrages

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