Emmanuel Melissaris

Professor für Rechtswissenschaft an der London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Aufenthalt am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
Mai/Juni 2015

Forschungsthema am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
»Eine post-metaphyisische Theorie des Rechts«

The aim of my research is to construct a political philosophical theory of the criminal law and explore its implications for criminalisation, criminal responsibility and punishment. The project is rooted in the post-petaphysical turn in political and legal philosophy. The aim is to construct a theory of the criminal law, which does not rely on controversial moral doctrines and is suitable for a specific type of political society with a specific type of institutional structure. This has several upshots. First, the wrongfulness of some acts is to be judged with reference to the political duties, flowing from the terms of social cooperation and not in relation to an independent moral order. Secondly, the criminal law is grounded in its acceptability by all citizens. Thirdly, the political conception of the person also determines the subject of the criminal law. In Frankfurt I hope to explore the specific implications of these general theses and develop general principles of criminalisation and criminal responsibility. In particular, I will consider the following questions: Under which political duties are participants in a political community with these general characteristics? Who may respond to violations of these political duties? What kind of response is justified and on what terms? What are the constraints to criminalisation and punishment (in particular constraints stemming from the rule of law, democracy and social justice)? How can acts be attributed to an actor simpliciter and as criminal offences? (Emmanuel Melissaris)

Förderung des Aufenthaltes:
Exzellenzcluster »Die Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen«

Emmanuel Melissaris folgt der Einladung von Klaus Günther (Professor für Strafrecht an der Goethe-Universität und Co.Sprecher des Exzellenzclusters »Die Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen« an der Goethe-Universität).

Wissenschaftliches Profil von Emmanuel Melissaris

Philosophie und Soziologie des Rechts, Strafrechtstheorien

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