Christian Schemmel

Professor für Politische Theorie, University of Manchester (UK)

Aufenthalt am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
Juli 2014; April‒Juli 2017

Forschungsthema am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
»Egalitarianism and the Economic Liberties«

Recent work on social justice and equality has fortunately returned to focus on the connection between theories of social justice, questions of the ownership and control of the means of production, and institutions of political economy. This is shown especially by the lively debates surrounding the ideas of predistribution and of a property-owning democracy (see, for example, Christian Schemmel and Stefan Gosepath (eds.), Special Issue on »Socioeconomic Justice: Beyond the Welfare State?«, Journal of Applied Philosophy 32/4 (2015), Alan Thomas: Republic of Equals. Predistribution and Property-Owning Democracy, Oxford University Press, 2016).
In this research project, I investigate the implications of both liberal egalitarian and republican theories of social justice for the status of economic liberties, and their preferred institutional implementation. Main questions asked in the project are: are there fundamental economic liberties, and, if so, how far do they reach? For example, do they cover the owning and running of small businesses? More (or less) than that? Do they conflict with economic equality? Should they be constitutionalised, or should they be left to the ordinary democratic process? Does recognising fundamental economic liberties imply that political liberties, and perhaps political equality, have to be curtailed? (Christian Schemmel)

Förderung des Aufenthaltes:
DFG-Kollegforschergruppe »Justitia Amplificata. Rethinking Justice − Applied and Global«

Wissenschaftliches Profil von Christian Schemmel

Soziale Gerechtigkeit und Gleichheit; globale Gerechtigkeit; Liberalismus und Republikanismus; politische Theorie des Wohlfahrtsstaates

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Weitere akademische Tätigkeiten:
Christian Schemmel ist Gründungsmitglied und gegenwärtig auch Präsident von The Global Justice Network, sowie Mitbegründer und Herausgeber von Global Justice. Theory Practice Rhetoric.