Michael Rosen

Professor of Government an der Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Aufenthalt am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
Juli 2015

Forschungsthema am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
»Geschichte und Freiheit im Deutschen Idealismus«

German Idealism coincides with a radical step in secularization. It took place at a time when belief in personal immortality was receding. As it did so, it left behind a stark question: how were human beings to reconcile themselves with the fact of their own mortality? In German Idealism we find one very important answer to that question being prepared: human beings can see themselves as part of a wider historical process whose value will justify their own existence even if they themselves are no longer alive. My book traces the way in which this idea is pre-figured in Kant’s conception of history and freedom, and the transformation that took place thereafter. (Michael Rosen)

Förderung des Aufenthaltes:
DFG-Kollegforschergruppe »Justitia Amplificata. Rethinking Justice − Applied and Global«

Wissenschaftliches Profil von Michael Rosen

Deutscher Idealismus, Philosophie von G.F.W. Hegel

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