The Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Fellows 2021

Agostinho, Maria Deiviane
»Hope and Despair: A Theory of Language«
Arlen, Gordon
»Democracy and the Challenge of Oligarchy«
Ballangé, Aliénor
»The Past Future of European (Post-) Democracy«
Castronovo, Russ
»American Insecurity and the Origins of Vulnerability«
Classmann, Stephanie
»Criminal Law as Modus Vivendi – A Realist Rebuttal to Liberal Theories of Criminalisation«
Fischer, Jessica
»The Weight of Numbers in Social Policymaking«
Fossen, Thomas
»Facing Authority: A Theory of Political Legitimacy«
Kaiafa-Gbandi, Maria
»Artificial intelligence as a challenge for Criminal Law: in search of a new model of criminal liability?«
Klarenbeek, Lea
»Relational Integration: membership, relational equality, and responsibility«
Koch, Patrick B.
»Jewish Moralistic Writings (Musar) of the Early Modern Period: 1600–1800«
Levine, William
»Radical Kantianism and the Ideal of Emancipation in Modern Germany«
Rubin, Abraham
»Conversion and the Problem of Persuasion in Modern Jewish Life Writing«
Siegel, Nica
»A Political Theory of Exhaustion«