The Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Fellows 2018

Afsahi, Afsoun
»Who constitutes legitimate demos? Settlers, migrants, and the indigenous populations«
Amelung, Iwo
»Chinese and European History of Economic Thought in Comparison« (together with Bertram Schefold)
Ashworth, Lucian
»Missing voices in the history of international thought. A critical re-evaluation of global thinking since 1880«
Borgards, Roland
»Cultural and Literary Animal Studies«
Boutayeb, Rachid
»Ethik der Nachbarschaft: Dialogische Beiträge zu Islam in der Moderne«
Destri, Chiara
»Democracy for Devils: Political Obligation between Democratic Citizenship and Partisanship«
Faroldi, Federico
»Nature and Normativity«
Fisch, Menachem
Forum for the Study of Interreligious Dynamics at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften (with Christian Wiese)
Frei, Norbert
»Niemand will Nazi gewesen sein. Die Nachgeschichte des Dritten Reiches« (Nobody wants to have been a Nazi. The Aftermath of the Third Reich)
Greenberg, Yudit Kornberg
»Dharma and Halacha: Contemporary Jewish-Hindu Interreligious Encounters«
Grunow, Daniela
»Reconfigurations of Internalized Social Structure«
Häggrot, Marcus Carlsen
»Territorial Represenation, Public Reason, And Cultural Justice«
Hondo, Amy
»Untying Knots: History, Injustice, and Political Responsibility«
Huber, Jakob
»Side by Side: On the Politics of Territorial Presence«
Inam, Rida
»A Study of Religion and Media – Muslim Adolescence in Post-Secular Germany«
Lamba, Rinku
»Religion and Persuasion. An Analysis of Bhakti«
Lechterman, Theodore M.
»Donors’ Democracy: Private Philanthropy And Political Morality«
Leipold, Bruno
»Constitutionalizing Popular Democracy«
List, Christian
»Why Free Will is Real«
Luh, Jing-Jong
»Positionalität und Alterität. Systemische Hermeneutik als Grundlage des interreligiösen und interkulturell-philosophischen Dialogs«
Mahadevan, Kanchana
»The Secular and the Post-secular: Gendered Inscriptions, Indo-European Contexts«
Niewöhner, Philipp
»Die Christianisierung Kleinasiens. Aspekte der materiellen Kultur: Kreuze, Heiligenbilder und Ikonoklasmus«/»Antikes Christentum in Bad Homburg: die Erlöserkirche und ihre Ausstattung im byzant. Stil«
Okeja, Uchenna
»The Public Sphere in African Politcal Thought«
Reddy, Sanjay G.
»The Predicament of Economics«
Rezaei, Mohammad
»Orthodox subject positions in crisis: New religious intellectualism and alternative femininity in post-revolutionary Iran«
Ritter, Jim
»Algorithmic knowledge in Egypt and Mesopotamia« (in collaboration with Annette Imhausen)
Schefold, Bertram
»Chinese and European History of Economic Thought in Comparison« (together with Iwo Amelung)
Seubert, Sandra
»From Protection to Empowerment: Perspectives of European Citizenship«
Song, Jiewuh
»The Justifiability of International Law«
Stuchtey, Benedikt
»Die europäische Expansion und ihre Objekte. Materielle Kultur in der Geschichte des Kolonialismus«
Ünsal, Hadiye
»Difference of Language and Style in the Verses Related to ahl al-kitāb (Jews and Christians) within the Frame of makkī and madanī«
Valentini, Laura
»Morality and Social Construction«
van der Vossen, Bas
»Independence and the Economic Liberties«
Wallrabenstein, Astrid
»Migration and Equity in the Social Welfare State«
Weber, Heloise
»Human Rights and Global Development: A Critical Inquiry«
Weber, Martin
»Normative Grammars in International Political Theory«
Wiese, Christian
»Mutual Perceptions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Cultural Interactions, Religious-Political Conflicts and Rapprochement in Dialogue«