The Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Fellows 2011

Asch, Ronald G.
»Sacred Kingship between Disenchantment and Re-enchantment. The French and the English Monarchies in the long 17th Century 1587/89‒1714/15«
Balint, Peter
»Connecting Respect and Toleration. Liberal Principles for Diversity«
Buckinx, Barbara
»Reducing Domination in Global Politics«
Crocker, Thomas
»Overcoming Necessity: Emergency, Constraint, and Constitutional Commitment«
Crocker, Holly A.
»The Reformation of Feminine Virtue from Chaucer to Shakespeare«
Espíndola, Juan
»Peace-building and Paternalism«
Hassoun, Nicole
»Global Health and Global Justice«
Hendrix, Scott H.
»Luther 1517−2017«
Hinsch, Wilfried
»A brief History of Justice«, »Human Rights as Moral Claim-Rights«
Leveringhaus, Alexander
»Liberal Interventionism: Philosophical Perspectives«
Macdonald, Terry
»Global Justice and Legitimacy«
Moellendorf, Darrel
»Climate Change and Justice«
Moellendorf, Darrel
»Hope for Human Prospects in The Anthropocene Era«
Nullmeier, Frank
»Legitimacy and Social Justice. Valuing Political and Economic Orders«
Püschel, Flavia Portella
Discourse Theory and the Communicative Function of Civil Liability
Raffnsøe-Møller, Morten
»Spheres of (Social) Solidarity«
Reath, Andrews
»Autonomy as Sovereignty«, »A Formal Approach to Kant's Formula of Humanity«
Schmalz-Bruns, Rainer
»Beyond Democratic Legitimacy?«
Schorn-Schütte, Luise
»Die Geschichtlichkeit politischer Normen. Grundzüge einer politica christiana im Europa des 16./17. Jahrhunderts«
Steiner, Hillel
»The Just Price«
Talbott, William
»Complexity in Scientific Reasoning«
Tomalty, Jesse Anne
»Remedial Responsibility and Global Justice«
Trejo-Mathys (1979‒2014), Jonathan
»Inheritance, Sovereignty and Promise. Towards a Critical Democratic Theory of Transnational Politics«
Waligore, Timothy
»Contextual Cosmopolitanism in Non-ideal Circumstances«